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Wojciech Moranda (1988), Grandmastersince 2009, rated FIDE >2600 in standard/rapid/blitz. Poland’s TOP 7 player(February 2020) and FIDE TOP 100 in Rapid (2018). Member of top teams from theGerman (Schachfreunde Berlin), Belgian (Cercle d’Échecs Fontainois) and Swedish(Visby Schackklubb) league. Captain of the third best Polish team (Wieża Pęgów)as well as the PRO Chess League team, The New York Marshalls.

Professional chess coach, runninghis own chess school ‘Grandmaster Academy’ seated in Wroclaw (Poland), while trainingstudents worldwide, from California to Sydney. His other notable coachingexperiences include i.a. working with the National Youth Chess Academy of thePolish Chess Federation (since 2012) and the Polish National Female Chess Team(2013). In his work as a trainer, Wojciech puts special emphasis on improvinghis students’ thought-process and flawless opening preparation.


Are you struggling with your chessdevelopment? While dedicating hours and hours on improving your craft, your ratingsimply does not want to move upwards? Spending loads of money on chess booksand DVDs, but feeling no real improvement at all? No worries – the book thatyou are holding in your hands mightrepresent a game changer!

Years of coaching experience aswell as independent research has allowed the author to identify the key skills thatwill enhance the progress of just about any player rated between 1600 and 2500.Becoming a strong chess thinker is namely not only reserved exclusively for eliteplayers, but actually constitutes the cornerstone of chess training, being noless important than memorising opening theory, acquiring middlegame knowledgeor practising endgames.

By studying this book, you will:

- learn how to universally dealwith any position you might encounter in your games, even if you happen to seeit for the first time in your life,

- have the opportunity to solve 90unique, hand-picked puzzles, extensively annotated and peculiarly organised forthe Readers’ optimal learning effect,

- gain access to more than 300pages of original grandmaster thoughts and advice, leaving you awestruck and hungryfor more afterwards!

Wojcieh Moranda

Thinkers Publishing
360 pages


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Shopping Satisfaction
Je suis entraineur d'échecs...L'auteur critique les autres livres car il est le meilleur paraît-il ? Il donne 30 positions pour devenir 2200 ??? Positions tellement complexes que même les GMI qui les ont jouées se sont trompés ! Les explications sont inexistantes...il faut les trouver soi-même...
Un livre à fuir et à revendre très vite...
Marc C.