The modernized Reti, 2nd edition

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The modernized Reti, 2nd editionContrary to what critical pessimists might say, the Reti opening is an ambitious weapon for White. By avoiding the main theoretical debates, White tries to reach an unbalanced position from an early stage of the game, with many different plans available. 

Our present book aims at providing you with a complete Reti repertoire for White. The only variations I haven't covered in detail are those few which transpose quickly into other main lines that are not related to the Reti, such as the Maroczy or the King’s Indian (although I have offered an alternative). Of course, I have explained these different transpositions and suggested different types of set-up for you to choose from. When I felt it was needed, I analyzed thoroughly, explaining all the main plans in detail.

Adrien Demuth

Thinkers Publishing
448 pages