Moves 3 to 10

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Moves 3 to 10
Who will benefit from this book?

If you feel you need to improve your openings – this book is for you. Some of the positions may be very simple, others not so much – but these are all positions that have happened and represent a wide range of possibilities. My suggestion is to
try and think which moves are best to play but also why others may be mistakes.
This introduction opened with a quote from Confucius.
The second part of the quote is: 
"...thinking without learning is dangerous”.
This book is not intended to replace learning theory.
Every player certainly must learn theory. But the book is helpful for understanding theory and for being able to tackle unexpected conditions – a situation that happens very often in games of chess.

Nery Strasman

Understanding the opening phase for improving chess players

Thinkers Publishing
264 pages
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