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Unknow weapons in the Grünfeld

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Unknow weapons in the GrünfeldThe Grünfeld Defence is one of the most dynamic openings for Black. This opening was developed by two famous World Champions, namely Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. While the theory is still far from being
exhausted and still developing our author Grandmaster Milos Pavlovic made a strong case and found new alternatives to battle White’s setups. This is his first book for Thinkers Publishing, in a series that will surely become very popular among its readers. Grandmaster Milos Pavlovic was born in Belgrade in 1964. So far he won many chess tournaments worldwide.  In 2002 he became the Yugoslav Champion. He is a well know theoretician, already the author of three widely appraised books and he wrote numerous articles published in various Chess
magazines.  Currently he is also writing for Chess Publishing and ChessBase.

Milos Pavlovic

Thinkers Publishing
235 pages